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The Ultimate Guide To Action Camera Microphone Attachment

virtual digital digicam microphone attachment, your audio great is certainly suffering, even if you shoot awesome films with a GoPro or a few element similar. Take your GoPro pix to the following level through manner of approach of consisting of crystal-clear, top notch audio. Action cameras not often have great onboard mics. This is proper of every video virtual camera available today.

Best Five Action Camera Microphone Attachments

If you want to get top notch audio, you want to look for a specialized accessory that permits you to use an out of doors microphone collectively along side your GoPro, DJI Osmo Pocket, or a few different similar virtual camera. Here are the five motion virtual camera microphones:

RDE Wireless GO II Microphone

RDE is a well-known brand with in the audio industry. Additionally, it within reason priced, so in vicinity of being confined to Hollywood projects, beginner and professional videographers often use its microphones and accessories.

The RDE Wireless Go II device is a first rate opportunity for speech capture, but it isn’t handiest that. Dual-channel microphones are housed in a area that weighs handiest 45 grams, making the device specifically portable and clean to operate.

RDE Video Mic Pro

Surprise, surprise—a few different RDE microphone. A DSLR or mirrorless virtual digital digicam ought to gain more from the larger VideoMic Pro opportunity. There isn’t any denying, but, that the sound great is appropriate for recordings.

So why do I advise this as a microphone adapter for an motion virtual camera? Well, now now not every setup calls for the microphone to be placed atop the virtual camera.

RDE Video Mic

Not a few different one again! Yes, the RDE VideoMicro is third on this list because of the truth it’s a ways the correct possibility even as the VideoMic Pro is genuinely too large. Its form difficulty is appreciably more compact than the VideoMic Pro at 8 cm and 40 grams.

Even 11 though it’s large, it though has a microphone mounting attachment at the manner to shield the microphone from noise. Being able to by skip the virtual digital digicam about without the audio channel deciding on up static noise from contacting the virtual camera or wires is useful for situations even as you need to move the virtual camera around.

Depending at the manner you join the microphone, the accompanying windshield may moreover avoid the virtual camera. However, it’ll lessen wind noise. You want to be aware of this.

Professional Sennheiser MKE 400

The Sennheiser Professional MKE 400 weighs more than 300 grams and measures 13 cm, making it the maximum essential motion virtual camera microphone attachment on this list.

  • Interchangeable 3.5mm TRS and TRRS connectivity for DSLR/M cameras or cell devices
  • Also to be had because the MKE four hundred Mobile Kit, including: MKE fourutomatically powers on/off whilst related to DSLR/M cameras
  • Al hundred microphone, Sennheiser Smartphone Clamp and Monforte PIXI Mini Tripod
  • Integrated headphone output jack with extent adjustment for audio monitoring

Professional Sennheiser MKE 200 Microphone

Returning to the diminutive, the Sennheiser Professional MKE 200 is the smaller cousin. With a shotgun microphone as quickly as more, this 113-gram device is better relevant for tiny virtual camera setups.

  • Directional microphone for remoted and better in-digital digicam audio perfect for vloggers and videographers
  • Compact layout with glossy and elegant finish
  • Integrated wind safety and inner suspension mount to reduce managing noise
  • Interchangeable 3.5mm (1/8″) TRS and TRRS connectivity to be used with DSLR and mirrorless cameras or cellular devices
  • Standard bloodless shoe mount for ordinary use

How to Install Action Mic in Camera Microphone:


I preference this statistic has assisted you in locating the satisfactory motion virtual camera microphone attachment on your virtual camera. I determine on a legitimate machine that is as small due to the fact the GoPro that I am using. Therefore, because of their size, I’d be more likely to choose the VideoMic or MKE 200 alternatives. In any case, shopping for a further microphone for an motion virtual camera is an brilliant way to decorate the producing charge of your videos. After all, audio is important for immersing the spectator. Thank you for studying this article.

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