Pixwox: A Complete Story On How To Use It

Pixwox makes it easy to download and consider Instagram posts, download and consider Instagram stories, and download and consider Instagram posts with interior the manner you want. While exploring your preferred username via it, Pixwox allows you to download or view them in your style.

Users can download each non-public or public cash owed or view them offline. Some of its supported and famous hashtags encompass girl, life, sports, happy, beautiful, Love, Fashion, Art, Food, Travel, and others that you could discover in your manner.

What Is Pixwox?

Using Pixwox for the Instagram app, you can expand and keep a high-decision model of a user’s Instagram profile picture. In addition, the software program permits automated Instagram picture, video, spotlight, tale, and spotlight downloads.  

You can additionally use this Software to keep pix and films, after which you repost them for your Instagram timeline or Instagram feed without logging into your Instagram account. In addition, clients can peruse Instagram hashtags and account facts by searching their buddies’ profiles or Preferred musicians’ profiles. 

With the Pixwox software program program, you could additionally take your preferred films or pix and repost them with unique Hashtags and captions for your Instagram tale. Excellent functions of the Pixwox for Instagram.

Features Of Pixwox

  • Online view profiles
  • Stories IG downloader
  • Tagged posts
  • Best Insta viewer and stalker
  • Free and personal Instagram profile downloader

How To View And Download Instagram Stories And Videos Using Pixwox?

The approaches for viewing and downloading Instagram testimonies are mentioned below:

  • Copy the username of the Instagram account whose testimonies you desire to see.
  • Open any of your selected net browsers and additionally navigate the Pixwox website. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Edge are all exceptional browsers. To make it work, ensure JavaScript is enabled.
  • In the furnished enter box, input the Instagram account username and press the hunt button.
  • The Pixwox app will acquire and read all the testimonies in advance than you provide. If you maximum effectively want to get the proper of access to and download the posts, visit the posts page.
  • Below each one of the testimonies presented, you’ll locate a “DOWNLOAD” link. All you want to do is click the link, and the download will begin.
  • That is how easy it’s far too download Instagram testimonies from the use of this app.
  • The system for Downloading published films and photos is likewise the same.

Best Alternatives Of Pixwox

Following is a listing of the pleasant Pixwox sites to download Instagram stories in 2022:


Do you want to observe Instagram testimonies concurrently as the final nameless like Pixwox? Yes, Dumper is a Stunning platform for unwittingly stalking humans. This app additionally permits you to view Instagram testimonies without revealing you’re identified.

It through no means signals everybody approximately your stalking and maintains the records confidential. You also can view the Followers, Instagram testimonies, and tagged posts of humans whose profiles you select out out to research without revealing your identity. Also, a study article on Dumper Instagram Story Viewer. Dumper is at the pinnacle of listing Pixwox options.


The pleasant Pixwox option on our listing is FastSave. It permits everybody Internationally to view and additionally Download Snapshots and films from their preferred Instagram customers. FastSave Repost image graph films are a famous beneficial resource for finding Instagram IDs. This utility allows fast viewing of downloaded films and images. You would possibly additionally Republish the series of pics or films with only a few clicks.

Advantages Of Pixwox Software Program 

Without disclosing your identity or any for my part identifiable information, clearly everyone can invent memories with the use of this Instagram tale viewer software program.  

  • You can download one-of-a-kind posts from the net without registering with your Account. 
  • If you’re curious about his utilization records, you could additionally view them. 
  • The tactics indexed underneath allow you download documents for your cellphone if it isn’t already there. 
  • Your Pixwox hobby is hidden from everyone. 
  • For viewing posts that may Downloaded, Pixwox gives a managed environment. 
  • The use of this net site in the Instagram Charge Less app is steady. 

Disadvantages Of Pixwox Software Program 

As you can see above, there are numerous advantages to using Pixwox; however, the entire thing has its professionals and cons. We located a few dangers of this software program program which are indexed underneath:  

  • Many poor reviews had been left approximately the net site. 
  • It often is now no longer able to discover the preferred Account. 
  • On social media, Pixwox isn’t thoroughly recognized. 
  • It is today’s world and hasn’t drawn much notice.  

The score of this net site is Extraordinarily low to very low. It’s viable that that is handiest a coincidence. However, it can additionally be the result of weak “Know your customer” tactics on the area registration agency. As a result, the net site’s consider score is now lower.  


In our Assessment, Insta Stories is the pleasant Pixwox options website. It permits you to view Instagram without seen through the customers you want to see:

  • Input the preferred username inside the seek subject and click on on the hunt icon on our nameless IG browser to achieve the desired results.
  • Input the right login with interior the seek segment and permit the platform to deal with the rest.
  • Upload your Preferred usernames in your list of favorites for temporary admission to all of them.

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