Everything about by Rtx 3090 Ftw3 Gaming Evga Thermal Pads.

RTX 3090 Ftw3 ultra is the water flow coverage area is increased, the water flow is made more scientific, and the heat dissipation efficiency is increased with the second-generation three-layer structure design.
High-precision CNC machining is used to shape the copper plate, and a sizable area is covered by the water flow. A thorough and scientific fluid study of the cavity was successful. GPU, MOS, and VRAM heat dissipation work.

About the Rtx 3090 Ftw3 Item

  • To save weight, achieve a lightweight design, lessen the weight of the cold head, and safeguard the PCB from deformation, the copper plate adopts a broad area hollow. The GPU core, VRAM, and power supply MOS are completely covered by the height design of several positioning posts in the groove, which is tailored to provide a tight fit to the necessary heat dissipation components.
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Power Connector Type4-Pin
Voltage12 Volts
Cooling MethodWater
Compatible DevicesDesktop, Graphics card

Materials used in Rtx 3090 Ftw3

  • Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut
  • Fujipoly/mod/smart Ultra Extreme XR-m Thermal Pad
    1. 60 x 50 x 1.0 
    2. 17W/mK
    3. GREY in photos
  • Thermal Grizzly Minus Pad 8 Thermal Pad
    1. 100 × 100 × 2.0 mm
    2. 8W/mK
    3. BROWN in photos
  • “AI AIKENUO” Thermal Pad
    1. 100 x 100 x 2.5mm
    2. 6W/mk
    3. BLUE in photos

Product Specifications of Rtx 3090 Ftw3

Color12V LED GPU Block With Backplate
Connector TypeIf Synchronizing the Motherboard: 12v 4pin. , If Using Controller: 12v 4pin
Pin Type4 Pin
Style12V 4-Pin RGB Aura Effect LED Lights
UNSPSC Code43200000
Voltage12 volts

Specification for this product family

Brand NameBykski
Compatible DevicesDesktop , Graphics card
Connector TypeIf Synchronizing the Motherboard: 5v 3pin. , If Using Controller: 12v 4pin
Contact MaterialCopper
Contact Plating MaterialCopper
Contact TypeCopper
Finish TypeCopper (plating)
Number Of Pins3
Number of Items1
Part NumberN-EV3090FTW3-X
Pin Type3 Pin
Power Source TypeDC
UNSPSC Code40101600

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