A Story About Hot Metal Detector (HMD) & Loop Scanners

Hot Metal Detector We offer various compact and strong Static Detector provides correct and dependable presence detection of warm metallic objectives with a quick output response. Several alternatives are to be had to personalize the Hot Metal Detector HMD ST for any presence detection software along with low goal temperature of 300°C.  A Fiber Optic Cable alternative is to be had to mount electronics farfar from immoderate warmth sources.

 Hot Metal Detector are designed for automation of metal, aluminum, and different manufacturing traces characterised as having severe commercial environments. All configurations include incorporated water (or elective air Vortex) cooling, window purging, and a regularly occurring bendy mounting foot. The Hot Metal Detector HMD is used basically for detection of warm metallic in severe environments, which includes maximum shapes and dimensions of cord rod, bar, strip, metal plate, billet and slab. If the ambient surroundings is simply too harsh, a fiber optic choice is to be had. Units have a integrated laser pointer for ease of alignment.
Different sensor configurations are to be had relying on particular software needs.

Tatic Hot Metal Detector: LOGIKA


  • Power input: 24VDC or 110/220 AVC ±10 %
  • Output: relay NO/NC @ 5A and PNP/NPN
  • Detection range: 0.2 – 8m
  • Response time: Relay
  • Target item temperature: 300°C/500°C -1400°C (572-2624°F)


  • Adjustable Sensitivity: Easy to evolve to one of a kind plant environments
  • LED indicators: Green = Power ON / Red = Detection
  • Automatic Threshold Level Adjustment – to save you sign saturation
  • Laser positioning: Easy to intention seen aiming laser.
  • Self diagnostic take a look at feature Enclosure: IP66 mill-obligation
  • enclosures with cooling jacket and air purging.
  • Fast reaction time
  • Fiber optic cable model for excessive excessive warmth installations to guard circuitry

Static Hot Metal Detector: DELTA

  • Detection from 400 °C
  • Viewing angle : 15° vertical, 4° horizontal
  • Designed for harsh surroundings

The Stato-Sonde Z3 is a warm steel detector Delta use for the detection of product with temperature over 400 °C / 750 °F. It designer to perform in industries inclusive of metallic turbines and foundries.
Presenting a resistant case, it is miles design to be use the extreme situations of the metallic industry. It is compose of a protecting hood with air purging and an non-obligatory cooling jacket.

Working Principle

The infrared radiation of the new inventory is center with the resource of using a lens after which gather with the resource of using a photo-electric  power cell. the strength stage is over the adjust stage the output of the Stato-Sonde Z3 detector is switched on.

Special Features:

  • Optical area : 15° vertical and 4° horizontal adjustable with a shutter on the the front facet of the protecting hood.
  • High modern-day static output, relay output or opto stable country relay.
  • External sensitivity adjustment (placed below the duvet on the decrease back facet of the apparatus).
  • TEST feature to simulate warm product, from the manage room (constructed in lamp for simulation).
  • Multicolour LED indicator.
  • Optional connector and silicone cable with protecting metallic braid (Z3 – C – ).
  • Frontal hood that additionally be hinge proper all of the manner down to effortlessly smooth the sensor lens. This protecting hood is prepare with an inlet for compressed air, to preserve out dust.
  • A cooling plate is to had, with a water float charge of two I/mn, to be used whilst ambient temperature is over 75 °C / 170 °F.
  • Modular construction, permitting fast maintenance.

Loop Scanner 250: LOGIKA

Hot Metal Detector Our provide excessive decision Loop Scanner 250 is a critical aspect to hold roll pace in billet to bar/rebar/twine rod turbines/profile turbines anxiety among rolling stands ought to be avoid. Our loop scanner additionally be use for vertical or horizontals loops and offers a excessive decision output sign to assist hold maximum efficient rolling speeds. This Loop Scanner additionally be hire with goal temperatures as little as 250°C with out a top limit.


  • Power input:  24VDC or 110VAC ±10%  or 220VAC, 50-60Hz
  • Output: Relay, 0-10V or 4-20mA
  • Minimum goal temperature: 250°C
  • Vertical Scanning Angle: 10°, 30° or 50° as options


  • Scanning mode Loop Scanner
  • High Accuracy
  • Sensitive PbS Photocell
  • Automatic Sensitivity adjustable
  • IP66 mill Obligation housing

Infrared Scanning Sensor – Loop Position: DELTA

  • Infrared – Excessive sensitivity 250 °C or 400 °C
  • Quick and clean Commissioning
  • Self-tracking and alarm functions


Hot Metal Detector kind of sensor measures the location of a warm product (Metallic, copper, brass, alloys, etc.) inside its area of view and offers an output that is Proportional to the angular function of the product inside that area. The Rota-Sonde TS2006 is a Scanning Measuring sensor, touchy to infrared radiation emitted with the Resource of using warm merchandise with temperature as little as 250 °C (480 °F).

Main Features:

  • High Sensitivity : 400 °C / 750 °F or 250 °C / 480 °F.
  • Infrared Spectrum : 1 to a few µm.
  • Digitally managed with self Diagnostic functions.
  • No optical Adjustment.
  • Easy Commissioning.
  • Optoelectronic circuit Enclosed in a heavy Obligation housing (IP66), designed to paintings Withinside the harsh Surroundings of the metallic industry.
  • Air purging and water cooling.
  • Connector and cable with metal protecting braid.

Sensor Features

1. Mechanical Features

  • Hot Metal Detector Adjustable Mounting stand.
  • Cooling plate with chrome steel pipe to allow use of commercial cooling water. cooling plate is unbase of the sensor frame. And is Compose of all connections (air and water). This configuration allows short Substitution of the sensor width Disconnection of the cooling water or purging air and additionally removes the want for the Realignment of the sensor.
  • Hinged protecting hood to allow clean cleansing of the window glass of the sensor.
  • Easy adjustment with the Resource of using use of the viewing port placed behind the sensor.

2. Electronic Features

  • The photocell is touchy to Infrared radiation and is Optimize for Detection even at low temperature and withinside the presence of steam.
  • Electronics set up on a plug-in PC board.
  • Control panel below hinged cowl at rear, which includes thru viewing port, take a glance at push-button for product Simulation, Potentiometer for Sensitivity adjustment and product presence LED.
  • Automatic tracking device with the Subsequent Features :
  • Diagnostic alarm circuit to display the sensitivity of the sensor and to suggest the want for the operator to smooth the window glass or to boom the Sensitivity.
  • Diagnostic alarm circuit to display the inner temperature of the sensor and to suggest any fault withinside the cooling device.
  • Monitoring of the scanning motor pace.
  • Indication of electricity deliver fault.

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