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Bass Boat Technologies is dedicated to developing new upgrades for mounting GPS/Sonar gadgets to their Boat Consoles. We think Anglers will should take a look at Console installed GPS/Sonar gadgets from a totally incredible mind-set than inside the past. After fishing the FLW Tour for 3 years as a co-angler and final year as a Professional, I rode in lots of incredible boats.  All the anglers had comparable problems with keeping their Console installed GPS/Sonar gadgets from moving across the place in tough water.

Installed Bass Boat Technologies

I determined that many Anglers had a 2 unit setup, one established in the console and one on a “ram” mount to the right side of the console. So my following intention modified into mounting devices side with the resource of the use of detail on the console so the angler should see every machine above the steering wheel, at the correct viewing angle, offering easy operation of the devices. That is even as the New Dual Mount machine modified into evolved. The new Dual Mount machine has the “Anti-vibration” machine for each one of the devices. 

Different Tough Water lakes

They had to seem thru or over their steering wheel to study their in-dash devices. My aim modified to growing a brand new mounting system that modified right into a person-friendly, rugged, and seemed factory. After many hours of testing, the number one Single mount unit modified into installed on Randall Tharp’s Ranger z520 and my z520 within side the path of the 2011/2012 tour season. The Mount turned into gain thoroughly, and the old “Ram” mount system turned into remove. Each mounting tool is custom outfit for each type and duration GPS/Sonar unit for that specific Console, and all mounting systems have an “Anti-vibration system” blanketed within side the Mount. This system executed awesome in massive water like Lake Champlain and distinct tough water lakes.

The Machine Changed Bass Boat Technologies

Gadget developed for the contemporary Ranger Z boats (z117-z522) type consoles and the contemporary Ranger 520C Boat. I started out with the ones due to the fact they remodel into the model boats available to me for turning into the devices.

The plans for future are to amplify the “Single” and “Dual” mount devices for extraordinary emblem boats. The biggest hurdle is locating and being able to the use of different emblem boats for his or her custom. I even have had many requests to amplify mounts for Skeeter, Triton, Legend, and Phoenix Boat brands. I plan to amplify the ones inside aspect the near future. This machine isn’t surely a “bracket.” However, a custom mounting device.

Display Screen

Wide-show display screen mania has grown to be so country that some offshore experts are mounting twin GPS/sonar gadgets. On their boats to apply the premium mapping and fish-finding abilities Lowrance and extraordinary employer leaders are the use of to assemble into their electronics.

Then the firstly this supposed mounting one unit to the boat’s gunwale or outer console wall with an OEM mount and flush-mounting the opportunity inside aspect the dash.

While many anglers hold to mount their gadgets that way. A growing variety of pro and weekend anglers are moving to three cool. New custom twin mounting systems via Bass Boat Technologies.


In conclusion, the bass boat generation is a large a part of how well a deliver performs. Many unique areas need to be don’t forget even as looking for bass boats available in the marketplace or purchasing for brand-new boats. You can continuously find the honest gives on the ones boats online. And if you have any questions about this, experience loses to the touch me.

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